The features of a high power green laser pointer

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The high power green laser pointer has a top precision all-metal body. It is therefore robust and durable. The 30mw green laser pointer features an all-glass lens that has the ability to focus the beam. So you get a sharper, rounder, as well as a clearer dot.

You can buy green laser pointer as it is powered by a diode having a lifetime of 3000-5000 hours. It can project a high power green dot that can be up to 2 miles away. The beam itself can be seen for many hundred feet in darkness. This is the reason that astronomers use it for pointing out constellations and stars in the night sky. Buy green laser pointer as even the US Army is using it for training exercises. Executives at all levels are using it to enhance their prestige. It turns out to be a very important tool in case you get lost while hiking.

The 30mw green laser has a range of over 12,000 ft. it has a wavelength of 532 nm and power of 30mw. It is up to 60 times more powerful than red laser pointers. It has a push button operating system. The lifetime is of more than 3000 hrs. Two AAA batteries are required to operate it. It includes a sturdy and durable case for traveling as well as storing.

The high power green laser pointers have power levels of 1 to 5 mw. These would normally not produce a hazard in case they are viewed for momentary periods only with the unaided eye. But they pose severe eye hazards in case they are viewed through optical instruments such as microscopes, binoculars, or similar collecting optics. This means that Class III A lasers must always be labeled. There should be a warning label placed on or near the laser in a conspicuous location. This should caution users to avoid staring into the beam or from directing the beam towards the eye of an individual.

The maximum output allowed for high power green laser pointer by FDA is 5 mw. This remains as the most powerful laser pointer that is allowed by law. The green laser beam of this pointer is clearly visible in the air.

The high power green laser pointer has a clearly visible green beam in even slightly foggy conditions. You can even see it in night clubs or theatres having a smoky atmosphere.
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