Why Does He Run Away? 5 In-Your-Face Reasons Why Men Run, Hide, And Literally Avoid You!

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Do you seem to chase away any (and every) guy who you have an interest in? Do men seem to ultimately avoid you, and literally make intense efforts to make you go away? Are you the woman that men are LITERALLY afraid of? As you sit broken and torn, because so many guys have rejected you; I bet you have also sat there wondering what is wrong with you, and WHY you are THAT unattractive to men.
I don't blame you, and in fact, it is the RIGHT thing to do, to wonder why men are running away.
You see, men only REACT to you.
What this means, is that they are only giving a REACTION to something which you have initially done yourself.
This means, that somewhere down the line, you are messing up big time, and are giving them a reason to feel like they need to run away.
BUT, the best part of it all, is the fact that you are willing to learn where you are going wrong, which means you can change it all..
you can start to see more of what men want, and you can finally become successful with attracting men! I won't lie, though, the reasons men run away, are very brutal and in your face; but if you can honestly sit down with yourself and learn from these mistakes, you will never have to be the one that guys run from anymore.
This is where you really need to be utterly honest and open with yourself to make sure you aren't doing any of these 5 mistakes that make guys cut and run: 1.
You Take Before You Even Know What You Are Getting
- You make it far too obvious that a committed relationship is what you are seeking, but the problem is, you JUST met the guy.
He sees this, and realizes that you take things before you even know what they truly are; which means you are far too easy...
and don't uphold enough boundaries or self-respect for him to bother.
You Need Him To Baby You
- You expect a call, you expect commitment, you expect so many things, that when it does not occur, you are heavily emotional and are disappointed.
Men do NOT want to have to constantly be spoon feeding you, or doing everything for you, because you are an emotional wreck otherwise.
Stand up on your own two feet, and learn to be comfortable with yourself and the idea of giving yourself some of the things you ask him to give you.
There Is Nothing To You
- It is all about him, and your life revolves around him.
This means you have no life of your own, and everything about you actually depends entirely on him.
If your life IS him, and your goals ARE him, and everything about YOU is HIM...
then there is nothing to you.
Be your OWN person, with separate dreams, and goals, and interests...
so that he has something to be interested in.
You Bend Too Easily
- You are afraid to draw boundaries or say no, because you are afraid that he will leave if you do.
This makes you too easy, and means that you will break your own moral codes and will disrespect yourself, if you thought that it would keep the guy around.
Men can pick up on this, and then feel like you don't uphold yourself in an esteemed way, and think that if you bend for them that easily, where else will you falter too? It makes you untrustworthy, and simply makes it impossible for a man to respect you.
You Don't Believe In Yourself
- You seek his approval on every whim, in order to feel like you are worthwhile.
You need him to compliment you, and justify your purpose.
You need him to make you feel valued and desired, and useful.
Your lack of self-esteem is so evident, that it drains him..
Because nothing he says will ever be enough.
You will always need more guarantees, more approval; because you simply don't believe in yourself.
He won't be able to believe in you either, when you aren't working toward trusting your own self, and accepting your own self, as you expect him to.
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