Tile Roof Repairs for Energy Efficiency

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Tile roofing is definitely becoming one of the most popular materials used in roofing. It is available in concrete or clay, and in many different colors and shapes. Its versatility gives homeowners the ability to find something that matches their home. Tile roofer gained popularity and became the roofer of choice for many builders and home owners in the late 1980's. Cement and clay tile offer several advantages over Asphault shingles. The most common advantage is Tile Roof. With pitched roofs, a considerable portion of a home's exterior is impacted by the texture and color of the roof. Tile roofs offer an added dimension to the look and feel of a home's elevation.
The tile roofers represents the handy work of skilled craftsman. People use tile roof for two reason beauty and long term durability. But there is one more reason why homeowners use tile roof. Concrete tile is an environment friendly tile made from naturally occurred raw materials that are produced in an environmentally conscious manufacturing process, and can make your home more energy efficient. It also provides greater protection to the homeowner.
Tile roof repairs and installation could be a solution for keeping your electric bill down in the summer. One of the biggest considerations you have for household expenses when you live in a hot climate is the cost of cooling your home. There are days in Virginia (VA) when the heat and humidity rival the scorching days that are typical in states such as New Mexico or Nevada.
In desert states an effective way to help cool a house is to have clay or cement tiles installed on top of the asphalt shingles. Roll roofers is also used. The shingles and other roofers materials ensure that the waterproof barrier is impenetrable. Install tiles on top of this and it adds a whole new dimension of energy efficiency to your home.
Have you ever put your hand on your shingle roof on a hot day? It's so hot it burns to touch it. Imagine all that heat radiating into your house. Now, try the same thing with a tile roof. The tiles might feel warm, but never as hot as the shingles. They actually absorb the heat from the house and the sun, but the air flow through the tiles takes the heat away. Your air conditioner has a reprieve from working so hard.
If you have atrocious electric bills in the summer, this type of roof is an option. It's more expensive than a shingle roof to install, but it's highly energy efficient and lasts far longer. Tile roof repairs are rare when the system is installed by a roofer that knows what to do.

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