How to Strengthen Carpenter's Glue for Woodworking Projects

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    • 1). Drizzle a little carpenter's glue onto a small section of a plate or bowl, preferably a disposable one. Sprinkle a little bit of sawdust over the surface of the glue.

    • 2). Use a toothpick to stir the glue and sawdust together, creating a slightly more paste-like substance than the glue alone.

    • 3). Use the toothpick and popsicle stick to apply the mixed glue to a joint on your woodworking project. Popsicle sticks are better for smearing glue across larger, flat surfaces, while toothpicks are better for getting glue down into peg-holes and tight cracks. Apply glue to both pieces you wish to affix.

    • 4). Press the joint together and hold it, applying substantial pressure for at least 2 minutes. After that, screw vice clamps onto the project to hold the two pieces together until the glue has had time to fully dry.

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