Top Places to Visit in Prague

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Prague Czech Republic is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.
Once held under the Communist regime, the city is now a striking example of freedom.
There is so much to see in this magnificent city, but I can only list a few of them.
· Prague Castle · Charles Bridge · Prague Astronomical Clock · Dancing House · National Museum of Prague · National Technical Museum · St.
Vitus Cathedral
· Prague Zoo 1.
Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world with over 210,000 square feet.
Several exhibits are in the castle, and one of the most fascinating things to see is the Changing of the Guard, which takes place at the castle gates every hour, on the hour.
The castle is filled with history and culture, and diverse culture events take place here.
The Charles Bridge is the famous bridge that crosses the Vltava River.
Legend has it that the Holy Roman King Charles IV laid the first stone in 1357 A.
The bridge extends over 1,800 feet and is 30 feet wide.
The highlight of the bridge is the Old Town Bridge Tower, said to be one of the most magnificent Gothic buildings in the world.
The Prague Astronomical Clock is one of only three in the world and is the only one still in working order.
It is mounted on the Southern Wall of the Old Town Hall, located in the Old Town Square.
The clock was installed in 1410.
The Dancing House or as the locals call it, the Fred and Ginger (Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) House.
I promise you it is one of the most striking buildings you will find anywhere in the world.
Your first glance you will feel like you just came from the Pub! 5.
The National Museum of Prague is actually several museums.
Currently it houses over 14 million artifacts and works of art.
A lovely café and gift shop allow you to spend an entire day here and still not see everything.
A "must see" in Prague.
The National Technical Museum is filled with various exhibits of transportation, including automobiles, busses, trains and planes.
There are exhibitions of photography and technology.
A lovely café and gift shop make this a memorable visit.
The Saint Vitus Cathedral is the location of the Archbishop of Prague.
It is built on the site of the original church dating back to 925 A.
The Prague Zoo occupies 111 acres and contains over 4,400 animals from more than 690 species.
A terrific café and gift shop tops off a memorable visit for the entire family.
In all my articles, I am saddened when I cannot include all of the wonderful things to do in these marvelous cities.
Prague is certainly one of these cities as there is so much I could not include.
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