How to Clean Your Oven Economically

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Cleaning your oven can be a tough job.
You may love to cook/bake with your beloved oven but after the cooking, you may frown upon seeing it with the dirt and grease left by the food you cooked.
The more you frown when you start cleaning it and you can't just get rid of the dirt easily.
Anyway, thanks for the oven cleaners in the market today.
They are tough on dirt and makes your work a bit easier.
But beware of the commercial cleaners that you use in cleaning your ovens.
They might make your work lighter but may endanger your health.
What if the toxic materials from the commercial cleaner aren't rinsed well and the next time you cook, it will get contact with your food? It would be a disaster and it could be an additional expense for your medication.
Here is a tip I got from a friend of mine on how she celan her oven without using those commercial cleaners available in the market.
It is easy to use, available almost anywhere and economical.
Materials: Baking Soda and Water.
Baking soda is almost available in all stores and water water availability is no problem at all.
Procedure: After cooking, let the oven to cool off.
Then sprinkle the baking soda in the flooring of the oven evenly until the entire surface is fully covered.
Make the thickness of the soda to about 1/8 centimeters thick.
Leave it overnight.
Have a good sleep.
In the morning, wipe it with a sponge until all baking soda will be removed and rinse it with water to remove the dust leftovers by the baking soda.
That's all! With this technique, toxic materials will ba avoided and won't contaminate your food.
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