Ideas for Family Room Additions

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    • Sunrooms tend to make inviting gathering spaces to converse with family members. You can have a variety of furniture arrangements that include couches with side chairs, and, if you have additional space, you can place a daybed, chaise lounge chairs or rattan lounge chairs with small drink tables near the windows. Sunrooms are also an excellent opportunity to save money on your electricity bill by incorporating passive solar heating into your home. Because of a sunroom's large windows, heat naturally collects in the space and can be routed through ducts near the ceiling and drawn up to other parts of the upper floors with small inline duct fans (integrated in ducts).

    Game Room

    • Game rooms are a staple in healthy families, as they gather family members together for quality fun time. Consider having several games that are integrated into the design so that playing involves minimal setup. These games can provide a decorative element to the space. You can do this by adding a dart board and chalk board on the walls. You can also paint or mount an existing checkerboard onto a small table top. If you have concrete floors, try staining or painting on tic-tac-toe grids or a few images from your favorite games.

    Family Tree

    • Research online or use family tree software to find your family lineage. Try dating back as far as you can and find images such as your family shield or images of landscapes from your ancestors' native lands. You can paint a literal tree to map out your family's history showing the different branches or roots, and perhaps integrating it into your ancestors' landscape scenery. For a more modern look, you can paint a more abstract version that looks more like a flow chart. Another option is to paint the family shield you may have found in your research.

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