Christian Kid Activities

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    First Day of Sunday School

    • Have the children line up next to each other at one end of the room. Make statements like "If you have had your birthday this year take one step forward," "If you are starting a new school take one step forward" and so on. You can ask about favorite colors, pets, letters in their name and whatever else you want to introduce. The game ends when everyone has made it to the other side. You can point out that, likewise, everyone gets into the Kingdom of Heaven.


    • The Thanksgiving tree is an opportunity to remind children to be thankful to God for what they have rather than being wistful for what they don't. Cut leaf shapes out of yellow, orange, red and brown construction paper. Punch a hole in the stem of the leaf and thread a piece of yarn through. Have the children write or draw what they are thankful for and decorate a fake tree with the leaves.


    • Christmas is a popular time of year to visit senior centers with children. The kids can sing Christmas carols and entertain the elders with skits and stories.

      The children can also make angels out of toilet rolls, felt and pipe cleaners. A paper plate cut in half can form the angel's wings.


    • The Pearl, the Hidden Treasure, the Mustard Seed and the Vine all compare different things to the Kingdom of Heaven. Have the children find everyday objects that can be similarly analogous and write or act out their own parables.


    • Make "stained glass" bookmarks. Cut pieces of wax paper into large cross shapes. Place the wax paper crosses on a cookie sheet. Take bits of broken crayon and have the children further break them up and place the pieces on the crosses. When a cross is covered in crayons, place a second cross on top. Bake in a 250-degree oven until the crayons are melted, usually not more than ten minutes.

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