Homemade Sunbonnets

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    Choosing Your Fabric

    • Make your fabric choice. Use a lightweight cotton or muslin for the most comfortable results. Do not use fabric that is heavy, as it will make your head hotter than without a sunbonnet to protect you from the sun.

    Cut Out the Pieces

    • Cut out all the pieces of your sunbonnet before you begin sewing. Cut out two strips that measure three inches wide by 12 inches long for the ties. Cut out two rectangular pieces that measure six inches wide by 10 inches long for the brim of the hat. Round off two of the corners of the brim to give it a curved shape. Cut out one more piece that measures 15 inches by 15 inches for the crown of the hat. Round off the two top corners of the crown.

      You could also cut out a piece of stiff interfacing that matches the measurement of the brim of the hat. Interfacing gives the brim a little more stiffness and helps it to hold its shape.

    Sew the Sunbonnet

    • Lay the two brim pieces with right sides together. Add the piece of interfacing to the top layer, if desired. Sew around the curved edge of the brim, but leave the straight, back side open. Turn the brim right side out and press with an iron.

      Fold the ties in half lengthwise, with right sides together. Sew around one end and down one side. Turn the ties right side out and set aside.

      Hem around all the sides of the crown. Attach the brim to the crown. Make sure to turn under all the raw edges. Add the raw edges of the ties just underneath the brim.

      Sew a piece of elastic into the inside back portion of the crown at the neck. The elastic helps to gather the back of the sunbonnet and hold it in place against the head. Make sure the elastic is not too tight.

      Instead of sewing in a piece of elastic, you could make two smaller ties and attach them on either side of the back of the crown. Tie them to help hold the sunbonnet in place.

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