The Trouble With the Rat Race

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A kind of lifestyle that is identified with sentiments, parochialism coupled with the loss of value and self worth is the rat race.
When I say self worth, I do not mean an over valued self worth that is borne by pride of the heart and arrogance of the mind, but the right mentality in an individual that motivates them to become who they are meant to be.
If you are in the rat race, you may never be able to achieve your full potentials since a psychological impairment already exists which you may not realize yourself.
Such person may not be able to harness opportunities that can propel into outstanding success.
Folks in rat race are so blind to the fact that ideas are locked up in creativity and that only the creative minds understand how to unlock them.
This kind of race has nothing to offer its contestants other than life in mediocrity.
Mediocrity is an identity of individuals who have failed to realize their full potentials.
You are probably in the rat race, if you find it very difficult to take well calculated risks.
When your reasoning seems very confined one way or the other, then you are already making a rat race progress which may eventually impair the way you fit in the society because there is a way your dispositions disagree with the others on a very naïve basis.
When you live life this way, you are confined already and most likely you remain like that for a very long period of time unless you wake up and make the needed changes in your mentality.
A narrow mind is more prone to partake in a rat race because it is unlike of such people to ask questions.
They may not be interested in details and the reason things are like the way they are presently.
It is not in their nature to ask why things cannot be different from what it used to be.
Most people in the rat race are not conscious of it themselves; even if by chance they become more enlightened, they fail to make the needed changes simply because they feel very satisfied with their present status.
It is not likely for these people to aspire for something greater; this is because they feel retired already.
The major trouble that is very evident with the rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat!
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