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The daily grind of your professional and personal life may be robbing you of all important vitality, slowly, but you are not able to stem the rot. Unhealthy food, junk food, bad lifestyle ways and even not-so-beneficial food and nutritional supplements are degenerating your health. However, you are at your wits end about stopping the degeneration. You are not even aware that things are going really bad in your health. Something needs to be done to reverse the rot. Every day it is becoming worse, bit by bit, and you are slowly sucked into the vicious cycle of health complications–harmful medicines-harmful food supplements – increasing health complications– more harmful medicines and food supplements. You need help, but doctors will only advise you to take those medicines and food supplements that are available in the market. They are also not available every time you have a question. A helpline that you can approach every time you have a confusion or question would have been a godsend. Thankfully, Dr. Bob Marshall Healthline is there.

What is Dr. Bob Marshall Healthline?

It is a live radio show broadcast across the length and breadth of USA for six days a week. Dr. Bob Marshall, Ph.D, is the host of the program. You can listen to him speaking in the program and even ask questions about your problems. You will get a patient hearing and, hopefully, be able to see a flickering silver lining at the horizon. You can also sit in front of your computer and get live streaming show of the program through the internet. If you are travelling and have a laptop you can get streaming video of the show through Wi-Fi or other internet connections.

Who is Dr. Bob Marshal?

He is a certified Clinical Nutritionist from International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. He has also served as President of the association for 2 years.

Unique idea

Dr. Bob Marshal patented the idea of "quantum nutrition", and this is the        most unique thing about products developed by his company, Quantum Nutrition Labs.

Origin of the idea

The idea evoked in him by chance. He himself was afflicted with a complicated health condition and doctors were unable to diagnose his problem. This compelled him to set out on the course of discovering a nutritional delivery system that will deliver only pure nutrients in their prime condition. He was very much aware that the food and nutritional supplements contain some sort of impurity that is not only redundant, but harmful for the body. This lead him to the discovery of the idea of quantum nutrition.

Quantum nutrition

He disseminates his idea of quantum nutrition through Dr. Bob Marshall Healthline. You can put across your health problems to him in detail. Once he gets the hang of your problem he will guide you on the various measures you should take and various organs of your body that you need to support and help.
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