Logic Studio 8 Tutorial

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    • 1). Install Logic Studio 8 from the installation disc with any desired options. When the installation is complete, launch the program. When the project dialog box appears, choose to open a new blank project.

    • 2). Set up audio devices. In the "Logic Pro" tab at the top of the screen, click "Preferences" followed by "Audio." This will bring up a menu that allows inputs and outputs to be configured for recording and playback. Set these as desired and return to the project window.

    • 3). Open the "Track" menu at the top of the screen and create a new track of any desired type. Click the box marked "R" next to the track name to arm it for recording. When ready to record, press the circular "Record" button at the transport on the bottom of the screen. This will begin recording. To stop recording, press either the spacebar or the "Stop" button on the transport.

    • 4). Repeat for any more desired tracks. Tracks can be mixed and panned by clicking on the desired track and moving the pan wheel located on the far left side of the screen. To finalize a project, click "Bounce" from the "File" menu at the top of the screen, choose the desired settings and click "Bounce." This will consolidate the project to a single audio file.

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