Wedding Guests Do"s and Don"ts - How To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

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As you open the mailbox and pull out the intricately designed envelope, you may have just received an invitation to attend a wedding.
Regardless of whether this is your first time facing this type of ceremony or you're a veteran at tossing rice, there is a wealth of do's and don'ts that have probably never crossed your mind.
One of the last things a wedding guest wants to do on their family or friend's special day is to offend or cause a commotion.
Below are a few things to consider when making sure you are equipped with the knowledge necessary to become the perfect guest: 1) When it comes to gifts, some guests choose to make their purchases ahead of time and send the engaged couple their present before the wedding takes place.
For those planning to bring a gift to the reception, it is important to securely attach a nametag and ask a member of the wedding party where gifts are being held.
Don't ask the bride or groom where to place your gift because this is a rather tacky move.
Do choose a special moment before or after the wedding day to present a gift you wish to deliver in person.
2) Do take the time to RSVP.
The couple has spent a lot of time, money, and energy making plans for the special day that they wish you to be a part of.
Returning the RSVP before the date specified allows them to further their plans and make cost-efficient arrangements.
3) Do alert the bride and groom if you are unable to attend.
Your presence has been paid for and will affect aspects of the wedding, such as the seating arrangement.
Although the married-couple-to-be is preoccupied with their special day, they will also worry about your absence.
A simple phone call to let someone know about your change in plans is highly recommended.
4) Don't wait until the last minute to arrive at the ceremony.
Whether you are traveling from another state, need to take a short flight, or live around the corner, it is important to leave enough room for unexpected transportation and other errors that threaten your arrival time.
You never know when traffic becomes packed, flights are delayed, or you have gotten lost along the way.
5) Do follow the dress code printed on the invitation.
If the wedding is a black-tie affair, men should come in tuxedos and women should wear formal attire.
6) Don't bring along cell phones, pagers, or any other gadgets that make noise.
During the ceremony, they can become a true distraction and serve as a discourtesy towards the bride and groom.
7) Do keep comments regarding the wedding to yourself.
It isn't wise to criticize the features or theme of the wedding or reception.
Remember - the bride and groom have chosen the elements of their wedding based upon their personal tastes.
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