How to Make a Rose Cottage Tassel

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    • 1). Cut a 12-inch length of satin ribbon. This will be used to hang the tassel. Thread a pony bead on the ribbon, bring the ends together and tie in an overhand knot. It does not matter what color the bead is, it will not show. Insert a small crochet thread hook through the hole in the bottom of a wood candle cup, from outside to inside. Place the ribbon of the tassel hanger around the hook and pull it back out the bottom of the candle cup. The pony bead will hold it in place. Shift the ribbon of the tassel so the knot is on the inside of the cup.

    • 2). Pull the blossom of a silk cottage rose off of its stem. Remove any plastic from the base and the interior of the rose. Thread the crochet hook through the center holes in the layers of the rose. The hook will go in through the center of the rose. Apply hot glue to the underside of the candle cup. Use the hook to pull the ribbon through the rose until its base sits snug against the candle cup. The rose should be sitting upright as if it were growing out of the upturned candle cup, which will be the cap of the tassel. Set the rose in the glue.

    • 3). Cut three different widths of fringe trim, each 12 inches long. Lay the narrowest trim on your work table. Place the next widest trim on top of the first, matching the straight long edges. Place the widest trim on the stack in the same way.
      Roll the trims together lengthwise. Looking at it from the straight edges, it should resemble a jelly roll. When the whole length of the stack has been rolled, check to see if the straight edge side will fit in the opening of the candle cup. If it is too fat, unroll the trims until it fits and cut away the excess. If it is too skinny, unroll the trims and add another layer of fringe. Apply hot glue to the inside edges of the candle cup and insert the straight edge of the rolled fringe. Allow the glue to cool.

    • 4). Attach the end of the cording to the rim of the candle cup using hot glue. Wind the cording around the candle cup, keeping your rows close together. Apply hot glue when needed to keep the rows tight. Continue to wind under the edges of the cottage rose. Cut the cording and hot glue the end to hold. The amount of cording will depend on the thickness you use. Experiment by first wrapping the cording around the cup without using glue.

    • 5). If desired, further embellish your tassel with ribbons or bows at the joint between the base of the flower and the corded candle cup.

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