How to Write a RFP in APA

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    • 1). Create an introduction. Explain the reason for publishing the RFP and why potential bidders should be interested. Outline what you hope to achieve with this procurement and include the due date for responsive bids.

    • 2). Write a section on the requirements of the process. This is the most important section of the RFP. Specify the details of what you need in this section. You may choose to break this section up into smaller subsections, depending on the criteria necessary to entirely explain what you need.

    • 3). Create a section on selection criteria to clearly explain how the winning bidder will be chosen. Be very explicit with this information. The standard format is such that you state: "The winning bidder, if any, will be selected solely by [X] Company."

    • 4). Write a section on timelines which outlines how quickly companies that want to bid on your RFP must do so. Also, note how long the process will take and when you will inform everyone of the final decision and winning bidder.

    • 5). Create a section on the process. This section will explain, from start to finish, how the RFP will be sent out and awarded, and when work will be started after choosing a winning bidder, if there is one. The process section also outlines how long negotiations may occur for with the winning bidder after the winning bidder is selected, and when the contract award will be set in place.

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