How to Build a Wading Pool

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Having a wading pool in your back garden can be great fun and so very useful to use especially when it comes to those long hot summer months.  However you don't need to go out and get someone in to do this for you but in fact you can build a wading pool, you just need to get some sand, some heavy gauge plastic sheet of ten feet square.  Then you have to get four pieces of wood, all must be one by four by four; you will also need four pieces of marine plywood, all of them will need to be eight feet in length and a width of twelve inches.

So firstly you will need to get a place where you want to put this pool; when you have the location you will need to dig a shallow pit of around eight feet square and it will need to be very deep, around twelve inches.  Try to get this as deep as you can and make sure that the bottom of this is firm but smooth.

Now you will have to build your pool frame, you will need to take your four pieces of wood – they should measure out to four by four and cut the end of each pieces of wood – though remember to only cut one end of each piece of wood.  Make sure the cut is a forty five degree angle, one of marine plywood and four by four will need to be attached together, so nail this together.  You will need to continue your pieces of wood together to create your frame which needs to be sealed before any water is added.

Now take your frame and place this into the hole and try to put this as far down into the hole as possible, remember that the four by four ends which you cut must be facing upwards.  Of course you might find there is one or two gaps in the frame or between the frame so take some soil and fill in any gaps.

You will need to fill the pool in with sand, almost two inches of sand which acts like a layer on the bottom of the hole you dug.  Make sure that the sand is level before you carry on and put your plastic sheet over your frame; press this completely into the pit on top of the sand so that you have got a liner.  Try to make sure this is completely smooth and has no wrinkles in this so that you can get a perfect liner at the bottom.

To secure your liner, you will need to pour some sand over your plastic sheeting; you can now fill your pool in and you should find that you have got a good wading pool.  Though remember that to empty the water you should a submersible pump when you need to change the water.

When it comes to your filtration until then you should think about installing this somewhere near your pool so that you will have not one but two pipes going straight into the pool.  That will mean that there are now two pipes, one of them will be for the output of the pool and one for the intake for the pool; creating a homemade filter might be the best option.  This would be best to build from filter cotton or sand cotton also but this keeps the pool water clean and tidy.
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