How to Lay a Shed Foundation for Cement

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    • 1). Decide how long and wide you want your shed slab foundation to be, then purchase appropriately-sized boards to build the pour frame.

    • 2). Remove any structures, outdoor furniture, trash, trees, plants and other items from the area where you will pour the slab. Remove any grass, leaving bare soil for the slab.

    • 3). Lay one of your long boards flat, with one of its broad sides facing you. Mark 1 foot in from each end of the board, using a tape measure and pencil. Repeat this with the second long board.

    • 4). Position a shorter board with one of its smaller edges running lengthwise against the first pencil mark you made on the first long board. Clamp these two boards together. Place them where you want the completed frame for your foundation to be located. Clamp the second shorter board to the longer board as you did the first.

    • 5). Hammer three to four nails in a straight line through the back of the longer board, into the edges of the shorter boards. Release the clamps.

    • 6). Turn the remaining long board up on its long edge, with the pencil marks turned in toward the three-sided frame. Place each pencil mark against the end edge of the corresponding short board and clamp the long board into place. Nail the three boards together, then remove the clamps. You now have a rectangular frame.

    • 7). Stabilize the frame so it will not move as you pour your cement. Place a stop pin every 2 feet, tightly against the outside perimeter of the frame. Simply push the pins into the ground with your hand, then use a hammer to sink them further, approximately halfway into the ground.

    • 8). With a handsaw, saw off the tops of the pins so they are even with the top of the frame. Do not simply hammer each pin even with the frame; they will not be as strong and will be difficult to remove later.

    • 9). Use your shovel to dig a tunnel as wide as the spade around the inside perimeter of the pour frame. Make the tunnel approximately 4 inches deep. This will make your slab stronger and will help keep the cement inside the frame.

    • 10

      Spray the earth inside the frame with water from your garden hose. Pack the soil down tightly, using a long-handled tamp, to make the pour area level. It's now ready for your concrete pour.

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