How to Buy a Bike Rack for Your Car

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  • 1). Go out to your garage and check out your car. Look to see if you have rain gutters on the roof or a trailer hitch in the rear, then keep these facts in mind for later.

  • 2). Size up your car. Determine if you could easily lift your bike on and off if you bought a roof rack.

  • 3). Figure out how many bikes you want to be able to transport on your car.

  • 4). Go to your local bike store.

  • 5). Look for a bike rack that will fit your car and carry the number of bikes you need. For example, some bike racks fit onto rain gutters, some onto trailer hitches and some onto hatchbacks.

  • 6). Buy a bike rack that fits the criteria for your car and looks and feels sturdy. You want a rack that will keep your bike from moving around at high speeds.

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