Workplace Security Ideas

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    Access Control Systems

    • A card key access system is an excellent way to control who enters and leaves an area. Such a system opens door locks when a security card is swiped into a card reader. Such a system records the use of call card keys in case a security problem arises, so that it can be determined who had access to the facility when the incident occurred. For high-security areas, it it recommended that access be limited to a limited number of individuals.

    Security Cameras

    • Security cameras should be installed to monitor entrances and exits to a business. They should also be installed in areas where there are high-value items, such as in a warehouse. When purchasing equipment, you purchase a camera with a good lens so that details are easily captured. Motion detectors should also be considered as part of a security camera system so that personnel visiting a business after hours can be easily detected.

    Computer Systems

    • Breach of computer systems can adversely affect your business because proprietary and confidential information can be shared with outside parties and unauthorized access can compromise, delete or damage important data. Microsoft recommends that all desktop software be updated to the most current version available as software producers are consistently updating the programs to address potential security breaches. You should also install and keep current anti-virus software. Set up firewalls that help prevent unauthorized intruders from accessing your systems. Regularly backup critical data and store copies of the data at an off-site location in case your place of business becomes inaccessible. Also encrypt sensitive data so that passwords are required to provide access to critical data. Set up passwords for access to desktop computers and computer networks.

    Alarm Company

    • Carefully select an alarm company to monitor your facility and call the local police, fire company or other authorities when required. When selecting an alarm company, you should check with the local police to find out how many false alarms were received by the alarm monitoring service you are considering, since too many false alarms indicate a problem with the monitoring service. Also make sure the alarm company is licensed if it is required in your local area.

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