How to Read Tractor Tires

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    • 1). Clean the side wall of the tractor tire you need to replace using water and rags. Many times, mud and dirt have accumulated on the tractor tires to the point of covering up any markings.

    • 2). Look for a series of numbers on the sidewall of the tire. The numbers will be separated by either a dash (-) or a slash (/).

    • 3). Notice if there are only two numbers, such as 14-24, on the sidewall. If so, the first number, 14, is the width of the tractor tire. The second number, 24, is the diameter of the tire rim. With these two numbers you will be able to get a replacement tractor tire in the correct size and fit.

    • 4). Look for a third number in the series of numbers, which indicates additional information. When there are three sets of numbers on the tractor tire wall, like 26-14-24, the first number tells you the height of the tire. The next two numbers represent the same information as a two-number tire. The middle number on a three-number tractor tire is the width of the tire, and the final, or third, number is the diameter of the tire rim.

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