Style Resolutions for Summer 2012

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Instead of traditional resolutions that we will never manage to keep (giving up chocolate, exercising more, spending less etc), I've come up with some style resolutions that we may actually enjoy sticking to this year.
So here's mine - I hope it inspires you to make some style resolutions of your own! 1# Try a new colour.
My wardrobe is quite colourful but contains absolutely no orange, as I seem to have convinced myself it won't suit me without actually giving it a go.
Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Cheryl Cole was spotted in the striking shade last year, but I'm glad to see it's sticking around, giving me another chance to pull it off! 2# Find a handbag that is stylish yet practical We might all love a clutch bag but they aren't exactly made for carrying all those essential items (make up, brush, perfume, phone, magazine, mirror..
), so maybe it's time to move on to bigger and better things.
A shoulder bag is both gorgeous and roomy, ensuring I won't need to try and travel light.
3# Try a new denim style Like a lot of women, I tend to have a favourite pair of jeans that I always rely on.
The pair you can dress up or down for any occasion, which becomes the fail safe choice when other outfits don't go to plan.
This year it's time to add a new staple piece of denim and I've chosen some military style high-waisted jeans.
They promise to flatten stomachs and lengthen legs, so I'm hoping they'll become my new best denim friends! 4# Dare to be different Ever see an item of clothing that you think is gorgeous but instantly assume you could never wear? I'm very guilty of this, but it's time to step out of my comfort zone and into some uncharted style territory.
A colour block shift dress is unlike anything I've ever worn before, it flatters my figure and ensures I'll stand out for all the right reasons.
5# Embrace your shape As a size 14-16, it can be hard to know what new styles will suit my shape and I sometimes feel intimidated by new trends.
A good example is the jumpsuit - when it became a trend last year I quickly wrote it off and didn't even try one on until recently.
Turns out, they suit my shape perfectly and I definitely plan to expand my jumpsuit collection in 2012.
6# Dress like a star I'm always reading about celebrities and wishing I could dress like them.
My current favourite has to be Kate Winslet, who never fails to impress with her choice of outfit.
By emulating her style, we can all look like stars in 2012.
7# Trade in the LBD Instead of relying on my favourite little black dress that sees me through all occasions and seasons, this year I want to trade it in for something brighter.
I'm going to find a more colourful replacement, that I could wear it to a variety of events, from a party to a job interview, and would feel comfortable knowing that I wouldn't blend in to the sea of black dresses that inevitably make an appearance on most occasions.
8# Accessorise I'm in the habit of only adding jewellery to an outfit if it is a special occasion.
This year, I want to add a bit of sparkle to every look, whether I'm heading into work or going for a night out on the town and with prices this low in the current climate, I can afford to wear a new piece every day! 9# Invest in some versatile outerwear I always seem to end up faced with the problem of which jacket to wear when heading out somewhere nice.
A winter coat is too bulky but a cardigan won't do much to keep me warm on a cool Scottish night.
To solve the problem, I will be definitely be investing in a blazer this year, the perfect piece to keep you looking stylish and sniffle-free.
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