Buying Trampolines - Evaluating Shape and Size

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Most of the time when you buy an expensive piece of sporting equipment, it's because you're trying to become the best at a sport you love, but what about when you're buying a piece of equipment for recreation and exercise only? Trampolines are quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of non-competitive sports equipment for families to own, but choosing the best model and brand means you have to pay a little more attention to trampoline parts and features than you may ever have done in the past.
Two of the most important characteristics to keep in mind when you're buying a trampoline are shape and size.
Many people might think that shape and size are two arbitrary characteristics, left more to personal preference than actual need.
But you might be surprised to learn how much these two features can actually influence your jumping experience.
Think about how you're going to use the trampoline before you buy it, and what kind of bouncing experience you want to provide to your family, and then you're ready to start evaluating the many different brands and styles of trampolines to find the one that will suit your needs the best.
There are a large variety of trampoline shapes available on the market today including, round, octagonal, rectangular and square.
Round or circular trampolines are designed so that the jumper will naturally remain in the center of the structure and are the most popular shape for recreational backyard jumping.
Octagonal trampolines are designed to create a larger jumping area that won't automatically pull you into the middle.
Some jumpers say that the straight sides help to orient the jumper so that they can have freedom without landing too close to the sides.
Trampolines that are made in a rectangular shape also provide a larger space for the jumper to enjoy and but are typically purchased by those that are interested in gymnastics or competitive trampoline jumping, because the competition trampolines are always rectangular and have the most responsive bounce action.
Square trampolines are very similar to rectangular trampolines except that they are more compact and the bounce is not as responsive.
Once you've narrowed down which trampoline shape is best for you, you can start to think about trampoline accessories and the size that you'll need.
All shapes of trampoline mats come in various sizes, from eight feet to sixteen feet and can sometime be larger.
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