Invacare Lynx Scooter

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Invacare offers a variety of scooters to choose from with a broad range of drive options, which includes front, center and rear wheel drive.
These scooters are popular due to their high level of maneuverability and stability.
These Invacare Lynx Scooters are very powerful and manageable.
The Invacare Lynx Scooter is an award-winning scooter and speaks volumes about Invacare's supreme commitment to the pursue the research required for continuous and unrivalled improvement.
These scooters are world renowned for their unmatched maneuverability and attractive look.
If you are looking for dependability in your scooter, then this is the scooter for you.
The Invacare scooters cover all your mobility issues and have a streamlined look.
Let us look at the Invacare Lynx L-3 Scooter - This three-wheeled Lynx scooter is so very portable; there was nothing like this ever before.
The dynamic model disassembles into four compact and convenient pieces, which helps in easy transport.
Once you have picked the destination, the disassembled parts in the trunk and go! The Invacare Lynx L-3 Scooter can cover seven miles in a single charge, has a plug-in battery charger and flat-free tires.
This helps the user to plan their schedule As per their convenience and commitments and need not worry about the scooter limitations at all.
Some exclusive features of the Invacare Lynx Scooter L-3 model are - - The scooter is indoor and outdoor travel ready - The scooter has a front basket - It has very easy-to-use controls and steering - It has flip back arms whose width is adjustable - The Lynx scooters have amazing flat-free tires - There is an adjustable tiller - The highpoint is a 360° swivel seat - The seat back can be folded down - Free wheel neutral mode so the scooter can be companion pushed - Smart connector-free, drop-in battery pack - Scooter battery easily rechargeable by plugging it directly into wall - The Invacare Lynx Scooter L-3 model easily disassembles into 5 carry able pieces - The scooter comes with a one-year warranty for parts and electronics, and six months on batteries Below find the technical specifications of the Invacare Lynx Scooter L-3 model - - Product Weight: 103 lbs - Heaviest Part: 39 lbs - Weight Capacity: 250 lbs - Seat Width: 18.
5" - Seat Height: Adjustable: 14", 15", 16" - Seat Depth: 17" - Seat Back Height: 16" - Width between Arms: Adjustable: 14" - 21" - Overall Height: 36" (seat included) - Overall Width: 22" - Seat-to-Floor Height: 20.
5" - Turning radius: 39.
4" - Rear Wheel Size: 7.
5" (Flat-Free Tires) - Ground Clearance: 1.
5" - Battery: 12 volt, 12 AH (2) - Top Speed: 5 mph - Incline Capability: 8°
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