The Psychological Effects Of Acne

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The effects of acne are far more than just skin-deep.
Sure, there's the redness, inflammation, and general pain to deal with, but acne can also cause real damage to your self-esteem, confidence, and self-image.
Those are the things you should be worried about, because while your acne might fade with time, the psychological effects can last a lifetime.
That might sound like an exaggeration.
Some may even think that it crosses the line into melodrama.
But it's true.
Acne can absolutely destroy a person's confidence, especially during their teenage years.
I struggled with acne throughout my time as a teenager and even early into my adulthood.
Breakouts, for me, were humiliating.
I purposely cut myself off from friends, I avoided going out in public unless I absolutely had to; for all intents and purposes, I lived in a bubble in my room, safe from the scrutiny of the outside world.
When I looked in a mirror, I never saw me.
I just saw acne.
Whiteheads, blackheads, angry red patches of irritated skin, nothing more.
I always assumed that when people looked at me, that was all they saw as well.
I didn't believe that anyone could see me as anything more than ugly.
I felt deformed and abnormal, and I didn't want to give others the chance to tease me or put me down.
When I finally found a medication that cleared up my acne, the change in my personality was nothing short of miraculous.
With my skin clean and blemish-free, I was the polar-opposite of who I used to be.
I wasn't afraid of going out in public anymore.
I loved meeting new people, and hanging out with old friends.
When I spoke with someone, I was actually able to look at them in the eyes, rather than staring at the floor with a hand or a strand of hair covering my face.
With my newfound confidence came a jump in my professional life.
Previously, I'd thought of job interviews as hour-long exercises in physical and mental torture.
I had all but convinced myself that my acne made me unworthy of most jobs, that a potential employer would see my skin and think that I was immature or unclean, or that I'd put customers off of buying.
With my acne cured, I actually felt like I deserved to have a job.
I was confident in interviews and my attitude impressed employers.
Without my acne, I am a completely different person.
So many people make the mistake of thinking that acne is just an unfortunate physical problem; it can be much, much more serious that just that.
If your acne is having a serious negative effect on your life, don't just sit around waiting for it to disappear.
Do something about it.
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