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The basic things your SEO software must do is:

Shows you what your competitors are doing on their sites to attain top rankings, and
Shows you in detail what your competitors are doing in regards to offsite optimization (read: incoming links) to attain top rankings

Armed with the knowledge of how your main competitors got their top rankings including all onsite and offiste factors it is then possible to duplicate, surpass and then outrank them. The question is about the race.
SEO is Home Business Start owners Olympics!

What does it mean to your Home Business Start site?
Essentially this means that a good SEO - Optimizer will provide you with a complete blueprint of what you need to do to attain top 10 rankings for the keyword phrases most important for your business and your online success.

Now don't be confused, to attain top rankings in nor nor will it ever be as simple as running some software on your site and calling it a day.

It is not clecer making claims that simply running a software will launch you to the top of the rankings, nor should it.

An effective SEO Optimizer will provide you with all the information you need to get the job done however how you alter the content on your site and how you secure the backlinks is up to you.

You understand your Home Business Start business and your visitors far better then any piece of software ever could and thus, you know the content that will convert them.

SEO software will tell you what the optimal keyword densities are, how many and what types of links you need to get, heck and even help you find the most valuable links that your main competitors have and outline how those links are worded and how they're distributed among that various sites they're posted on - after that it's up to you to go out and get the job done.

Is SEO Optimizer really worth it, if there is so much to do?

Definitely. Any SEO tool that claims that running it alone will get your Home Business Start site top rankings is either making false claims or manipulating some small loophole in the algorithms that is sure to be closed and certainly won't work for any site in any but the lowest competition sectors.

Hundreds of top SEO's and webmasters are already using effective SEO Optimizers to get their and their client's high rankings. Perhaps even the SEO's who are optimizing your competitor's sites.

The key is to uncover what they're doing and then do the same, but better. If they have 300 quality links, find out where they are, secure those and then find 10% more. If they have a solid keyword density and a 30 page site of relevant content, match their densities and develop a 50 page site though the use of a blog, articles or other content.

This may sound simple and it is. Attaining top rankings is not the "great mystery" that many SEO's would have you believe - if you have the right tools.
A good SEO tool creates a blueprint for you on how your main competitors got their top rankings. And scans your site and the sites of your top ten competitors and provides a simple-to-read analysis of all the main SEO components of your webpages...

This is the truly incredible aspect of what a good SEO tool can do. It will spider the links of the top rankings sites for your phrase and provide a detailed list of your major competitors' links...
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