The Vogue of Money Checker Security Products

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The money checker is quite a reliable, fast and economic item in the ageless fight with counterfeit currency especially banknotes.
It is mostly used by banks, financial institutions, security companies that transfer money on transit vans and has universal appeal to money-changing business places like restaurants, in the United States and abroad.
The United States is special to the production and utility of these units that come in two different forms generalized in their industrial and universal forms.
They are used nationwide to tame the big number of illegal financial cartels and deter the infiltration of money laundering from the Gulf of Mexico into the Southern states.
The universal model is used by the US treasury to authenticate currency and it is designed with an additional UV light to correctly verify other vital identity documents such as credit cards, licenses, travelers checks, money orders, plastic denomination and other ID'S.
This technological tool specifically identifies two main features in the national currency vis-a-vis, the specific color-coded Security Thread of the denomination bearing its Micro-printing and the watermark.
US currency denominations printed after 1996 from a $5 dollar bill to $100 dollars all contain these specifications.
The item operates under the unique effect of ultra violet light which activates the built-in template containing the color code that provides the correct location and color of the Thread thus sorting out the fake from the original.
The device which comes with one year warranty nationwide uses an alternative AC power adapter to enhance the sensor that automatically activates the device once it is inserted.
The unit deactivates after 4 minutes of inert activity.
UV lamps are replaceable within a given time determined by the load of work undertaken and the special conditions of its service.
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