Xerxes Rift Leveling Guide – The Best Rift Leveling Guide?

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As you can see this blog has been following the Xerxes Rift guide and provides a service to let you know whether a Rift Leveling guide is actually for you.

Well this post is to give you a quick overview of what you get with the guide and at the bottom is a special link where you can get a discount on the guide!

So have a look at each section of Xerxes guide first:

Beginner guide for Rift:

This is the first section of the guide and it does not sound like much to be honest. However it is VERY useful.

Some of it is basic but the advice on how to best sort out your UL is invaluable. You will also learn about the Rifts and Invasions and this is quite good as well as they make up a big part of the game and once you get this down you will be dominating!

Rift Leveling Guide:

This is the bit most people are after! The Rift Leveling guide! Well the awesome thing about the guide is the fact that you get a full Guardians and Defiants leveling guide and with most other guides I have seen around on the web you only get one or the other so this is really cool!

There is a full guide on power leveling and optimized questing which will show you how to club together multiple quests to make really fast progress through the game!

Lastly you shouldn't get lost as there is a full maps and screenshots section and they will tell you where to go next!

Rift PVP Guide:

Now this is my favourite part of the guide as you get a complete guide to all of the builds for each of the 4 callings!

They are also split up into the best raiding builds, leveling builds and PVP builds so you will be able to dominate the action!


If you play Rift you need to at least have a look at Xerxes Rift guide!

It is jam packed with information that if you want to dominate Rift you need to have a look at!

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