How to Make a No-Ground Plane Coax

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    • 1). Cut the RG-58 coaxial cable to the length specified by the CB manufacturer, using the wire cutters.

    • 2). Strip 1/2 inch of outer insulation from the coaxial cable, using the coax stripper. Lay the wire into the tool in the "RG58" notch. Squeeze the handles and rotate until the insulation can be pulled free.

    • 3). Trim any inner braided shielding, so that it only covers the white plastic dialectric insulation surrounding the copper center conductor.

    • 4). Slide the cylindrical crimp sleeve down the outer jacket. Keep it out of the way for now.

    • 5). Slip the center conductor sleeve over the exposed copper conductor. Crimp this in place using the appropriate crimp tooth on the coaxial crimping tool.

    • 6). Fold the braided shield back against the outer jacket. Slide the main connector body over the end of the coax and shield, until a pop is heard and felt.

    • 7). Slide the crimp sleeve flush against the base of the main connector body. Lay the sleeve into the coax crimp tool. Squeeze the handles. Rotate the connector 90 degrees, and crimp again.

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