How to Make an I Ching Hexagram Calendar for 2007

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    • 1). Select a method for deriving your hexagrams. Traditional casting methods involve using casting tools, such as coins or yarrow stalks. If using one of these methods, think about your question for the day or month that you wish to create a hexagram for before each toss of your coins or each selection of your yarrow stalks. With a calendar, however, you may prefer to use the dates themselves to create each hexagram.

    • 2). Determine the upper trigram for a particular date using the year and the month. Add together the year and the month. Divide this number by 8. Add up the digits of this answer. Use this number to look up the corresponding trigram.

    • 3). Figure out the lower trigram by dividing the day by 8. Add up the numbers of the answer. Use this number to look up the corresponding trigram.

    • 4). Use the month, day and year to determine the changing line. Add up all three numbers then divide by 6. Add up those digits to determine which line of the hexagram is changing.

    • 5). Put together the upper trigram, the lower trigram and the changing line to determine the hexagram that matches that day. Read its description to determine an interpretation of the day.

    • 6). Repeat Steps 1 through 5 for each day of the calendar year to create a 365 day I-Ching calendar for the year 2007. The same method can be used to create an I-Ching calendar for any given year.

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