How to Find a Paint Color from Duron

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    • 1). Use Duron's assistance to decide on a color if you don't already have one picked out. Visit Duron's website or ask an in-store clerk for help. Explain the tone you want to set in the room. If there are any other design elements or colors currently in the room, bring samples or photographs to help coordinate the look. Duron staff will help you decide what color group to view, based on the information you provide.

    • 2). Choose your color from the tone group, which is the group of colors that convey the essence of the atmosphere you want to create. Duron staff will help you with this also. You can find color samples on Duron's website, but it is preferable that you visit the store to choose the color. Colors displayed on a computer screen display differently, depending on factors such as your brightness setting and pixels. In the store, you can look at a fan deck, which is a book of color samples grouped by tone and shade.

    • 3). Have a color matched. If you already have a color picked out, you can bring your own color sample to Duron and have it matched. The color sample can be in the form of existing paint, a photograph, a cloth swatch, a toy or any other object made of any type of material. Duron uses the Sher-Color computerized color formula system to match the color you want. The Sher-Color system matches the exact color you want every time. It's nice that you can get paint in the exact same color of your favorite throw pillow, but it is even nicer to know that if you run out of paint, you can have Duron's staff mix up another batch of the exact same color.

    • 4). Purchase a sample quart of your color. Test the color on the wall in the room you want to paint. A quart will cover about 75 square feet of surface, which is enough to allow you to decide if it is the right color. If it is not quite the right color, go back to the fan deck and choose another shade.

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