How To Make Your Own Business Flyer Online

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    Know Your Audience

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      First, you need to know who your target audience is before you design your flyers. This is important because say, for instance, you own a transcription business and you've used a flyer maker to design great-looking flyers. It would be the kiss of death to your transcription business if you decide to distribute your flyer at a Who concert. Chances are, your flyers will end up in the garbage. It makes better sense to distribute those flyers on a college campus.

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      What's Your Message?

      Once you've targeted your audience, you will want to consider what message you want to convey. Always write your flyer out in draft form on paper first. You don't want to add too much information on the flyer, as this will overwhelm people. But you do want to add just enough so as to arouse curiosity. You'll also want to think about the designs and logos to incorporate in your flyer. As a rule, bright, bold colors work well in public places. However, more subtle colors and detailed text about what you offer work best when using mail marketing strategies.

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      Create Your Flyer

      Next, it's time to create your flyer. Search for a free flyer maker online. Google Docs is a flyer maker that's free and extremely easy to use. Click on the "New" menu then select "Document." Type whatever information you want to convey to your audience about your services. You can change the color and size of the fonts to fit the look and feel of your business. Then click "Insert" to insert your logos, images and any other graphics befitting the flyer. Once you've created your flyer, it's time to start the distribution process.

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      Methods of Distribution

      There are a couple of ways to distribute your flyers. You can go door to door; you can go to industry-specific events; or you can use a flyer distribution service. Going door to door is not a good idea because you are trying to target a specific group. Also by going door to door, you really don't know who's receiving your flyer and it may end up in the trash, which would be a waste of your time.

      Using a flyer distribution service can be costly. If you're not on a shoestring budget, then definitely use a flyer distribution company. Ultimately, the best way to distribute your flyers is to go to industry-specific events--going to job fairs and distributing your flyers to advertising companies, law firms or any other job that has a need for transcription services. College fairs are the best place to distribute flyers. By creating your own business flyer online with a free flyer maker, you'll save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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