How to Make Beer at Home - Here is the Best Way

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When you first search for home beer brewing information, you might be overwhelmed by what you find.
I know I was.
I saw pictures of all types of contraptions.
You would think that you were trying to bring Frankenstein's monster to life instead of trying to make a good beer at home.
It doesn't have to be like that.
In fact, there are quite a few good home beer kits available today.
The best kits have everything you need to get started, such as:
  • The brew keg (used during the fermentation process).
  • Hardware (i.
    bottles, caps, etc.
  • A beer mix (or recipe) of malted grains and hops which give the beer it's flavor.
  • Unhopped malt extract which creates the appropriate amount of alcohol.
  • Step by step, easy to follow instructions.
  • Dedicated and helpful customer service (live and on line).
Some say that "kits" are only good for beginners.
What a bunch of snobs! If these kits simplify the process without diminishing the taste of the beer, why wouldn't you want to to use one? I made 5 gallons of great tasting beer - all from my kitchen.
No big boiling pots were necessary as with some of the more so-called "advanced" systems.
Mixing the ingredients took less than 1 hour.
The fermentation and carbonation then took an about two weeks.
It's that easy.
In addition to being easy, it is also a lot fun.
Several of my friends and I all purchased kits.
We each order different recipes, make our beer, and then get together to try the final products (what better reason to get together and drink beer with your buddies).
So far, we've discussed how easy it is to make beer at home.
Then we talked about how much fun it is.
Of course neither of these matters if we can't afford to make the beer.
Luckily, cost is not a problem.
Some of these quality kits are as low as $39.
95 and they still provide you with everything you need to make great beer.
Since the brew keg and hardware are re-usable, your only ongoing expense is the cost of the beer recipes.
They range in price from around $10.
00 to more than $30.
00 You can get good recipes for about the price of a 12 pack of store bought beer - not a bad deal since you make nearly a case of beer with your kit.
If you really want to make beer at home but thought that it would be too difficult, don't worry, there is help.
Home beer kits are easy to use, fun, affordable and most importantly, make great tasting beer.
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