How to Get Rid of Circles Under Eyes in Children

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    • 1). Apply a cold compress to eyes. Use a small bag of frozen vegetables or a flexible ice pack to apply gentle pressure to the area right below each eye. The cold compress will allow for any swelling to go down under the eyes. Apply the cold compress two to three times per day for five minutes each time. Put a small washcloth around the cold compress if it is uncomfortable for your child to have the cold directly on his skin.

    • 2). Add one pillow to your child's bed. Congestion can build up if your child is lying flat on his back, so adding an additional pillow allows your child to sit in a more upright position. If the dark circles are due to congestion, this step should help prevent that.

    • 3). Add one to two more hours to your child's sleep schedule. Children require more sleep than they usually get. Busy school and activity schedules may be keeping your child up longer than he should be. Consider putting your child to bed early and you might notice a reduction in dark circles under his eyes.

    • 4). Use sunscreen. The eye area is acutely sensitive to sun damage, so applying sunscreen daily helps prevent sun damage. During the summer months, you may notice the circles becoming less prominent, which could be caused by the tanning of your child's skin. Applying sunscreen is a crucial part of skin health for all children and will help prevent skin changes under the eye.

    • 5). Take your child to a doctor for allergy evaluation. Prolonged dark circles under your child's eyes may be a sign of allergies. The summer and fall months are particularly hard for children and allergies. Visit with your pediatrician to discuss allergy medication options for your child if you suspect seasonal allergies are causing dark circles. Allergy signs include sneezing, watery eyes and congestion.

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