Christmas Gifts Under 5 Bucks

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2010 Christmas is just around the corner. Have you decided what to buy as Christmas gifts for your family members and friends? Traditional items may be a necklace, a handbag, a watch or a precious CD. However, these gifts often cost a lot of money at Christmas and everyones wallet will be drained after the festive season. Now people are starting to think about cheap gifts on Christmas. Anyway, no matter how much money a gift costs, it is the value of love that counts., as an online smart gadgets seller, is offering a lot of gorgeous Christmas gifts of reasonable prices. If you want to buy something special and not very expensive, you should absolutely keep an eye on the website.
Here are some typical cheap items for Christmas gifts.
NO.1: This colorful LED desktop Christmas tree only costs 4.75 bucks. It can be energized either by a USB jack or by batteries, therefore it is very green. Decorating a Christmas tree and taking it down after using can be a really troublesome and annoying work. Send this desktop Christmas tree to your friends, and you are in fact saving them a lot of time and energy. The glittering and spangling branches add a lot of fun in the Christmas season.
NO.2: This snowman hanging ornament only costs 1.6 bucks. Christmas is a happy time partly because there are various bright hanging ornaments everywhere to be seen. Giving your friend a cute Christmas hanging ornament is actually sending him or her more fun.
NO.3: One LED glowstick toy prices 3.28 dollars. These glowsticks are perfect gifts for children, for their glowing light and dreamy atmosphere are like fairytales to every kid.
NO.4: A Christmas hat is everything you need to act as a Santa Claus on this special day. Buy several Christmas hats at 2.2 bucks each for your family members and you will get a fantastic Santa night with everyone in the living room wearing a cute hat.
NO.5: Can you believe that this fake wavy hair only costs 4.8 dollars each? Do you want to try something unordinary and make a change to yourself? There is no better choice than this coffee wig.
NO.6: For your young friends, buy each of them a peacock feather crown eye mask at the price of 2.4 dollars each, you will help them spend an unforgettable Christmas night.
NO.7: Since childhood every one of us has been dreaming of mysterious Christmas gifts. As the witch style Christmas stocking only costs 2.8 bucks each, they are definitely perfect gifts to bring every receiver back to their childhood time.
NO.8: A Santa figure Christmas cell phone strap only costs 2.9 bucks. The straps are endurable and can last a long time after Christmas, which makes them wonderful gifts for your friends.
NO.9: For a student, this blue ink ball pen with Santa figure on it is an ideal gift. Besides, it only costs 2.97 bucks each. Therefore it is a quality choice for Christmas gifts.
NO.10: You must have a friend who loves playing jokes and making fun on parties. Then this pair of decorative guitar glasses of 4 dollars is absolutely a perfect gift for him or her.
Although these gifts are not expensive, they are really smart and unique. Try dealextreme right now before Christmas season. You wont regret it.
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