An Insider" s Tip On Silicon Bakeware Are They Worth The Cash?

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Everyone else has silicon bakeware.

It looks so cool on all of the infomercials.

Hey, look at that. This set is on sale! Does this conversation sound like one that you have with yourself ever so often?

Well before you make any final decision take the time to get a second opinion about silicon bakeware.

Silicon bakeware has not been around that long. It wowed audiences with its flexible form, its easy cleaning, and its nonstick surface. For chefs and bakers everywhere, this bakeware was a new twist on the old hobby.

About two years ago my aunt ordered me some silicon bakeware for my birthday. I was so excited to try it out because I had heard so much about it.

The good things about this bakeware are that it is dishwasher safe and can reach extremely high temperatures (although I don't know of much cooking that requires a 500 oven) but still it was a nice touch.

I never needed to spray the pan with any non-stick spray or even apply a light greasing. I could make muffins and they would just pop right out!

The very first time I use my bakeware, I made barbecue chicken.

Because I was skeptical about it really being dishwasher safe, I washed that pan by hand. To this day, the barbecue stains are still on the pan.

I also was frustrated by the fact that the bakeware didn't seem to cook evenly. I could make a batch of cupcakes and in the same pan there could be one that was burnt, eight that were just right and three that were undercooked.

Another thing to keep in mind, when considering silicon bake ware, if that, yes, they have a flexible form, but this also means that more times than not, it is a good idea to do your baking with a support cookie sheet under the silicon.

You can choose not to, but I found it easier because I didn't have to have two hands on both sides of the bake ware distributing equal weight and pressure, and a risk the chance of dropping my creation.

Overall, I was not too impressed by the silicon bakeware.

There were more cons than pros which made this buy one but I could not see necessarily see worth the cash, although it was fun to try out.

Now when I do my cooking and baking, I have found it better just to stick with the good old days and use the traditional metal or glass pans instead of the modern day silicon bakeware.

But you need to make the decision for yourself; however, if you ask me, silicon bakeware is not worth the money or the trouble.

Give me hardy metal baking pans any day and I am one happy girl!
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