Simple And Effective Techniques To Train Your Dog Without Being Too Harsh

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Dog is man's best friend, but dogs do not learn in the same way people do.
Training a dog to obey commands and exhibit appropriate behavior is not as easy as some people think.
It takes more than a session or two of teaching for the dog to learn, it is not immediate.
Training a dog the right way will eliminate wasted time and effort.
Having a well behaved dog is a pleasure and reflects well on the owner.
A dog that misbehaves and causes problems is not nearly as welcome.
Dog training is not a simple thing but actually should be researched to be done correctly.
Making the dog fear you can be destructive to it's training and bring negative results.
Training requires dedication, and passion.
Having a canine know how to behave around other dogs is important.
While it is great to have the dog know how to behave around people, there are times when you might find yourself in the situation where there are other dogs.
If trained for this, the dog will know what is expected.
Today we have so many ways to get information.
It is easy to learn on the Internet, from a book, or even from programs on the television.
Make use of all the information available to be able to train your dog well.
With all of the training tips that are available it can be an easy process to train your puppy.
When a dog is younger it is easier to train.
When training your pooch it is important to focus more on the positive things your dog does.
Try to look past some of the negative behavior and so not focus on it.
Encourage your dog when the appropriate behavior is given by petting and praising your dog.
Treats are also a good when the dog does something well so that it will remember and repeat the behavior in the future.
Remain calm and level headed when training your pet.
If you get angry and show your frustration this can scare your dog.
A fearful dog does not learn as well.
For best results in training, your dog should not fear you.
A dog that is treated like part of the family will be happy.
Let your dog know that you enjoy his or her company.
The dog will want to please you and will continue the good behaviors.
Even though it can be a time consuming process, having a well trained dog is a wonderful thing.
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