How to Keep Your Face Lean

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For many people, the quick fix method holds special appeal when it comes to ridding their faces of chubby cheeks.
It's quick and deals effectively with the fat on their faces but there is a problem.
The fat is just going to be back after a couple of years.
Sometimes, depending on the strength of personal discipline, it could return much earlier.
What liposuction and the likes do not do is teach us the things we need to do and know about weight loss.
They do not teach us to control our calorie intake.
They do not teach us to enhance our body metabolism.
As a matter of fact, they do not teach us the things we need to do to lose weights fast, be rid of chubby cheeks and keep our healthy lean bodies and faces the rest of our lives.
If they did, we obviously would not need them in the first place.
Now the deal is this; to lose weights fast and be rid of chubby cheeks, we need to know a thing or two about calories, body metabolism and calorie maintenance level.
We need to know to determine the level of our daily calorie intake.
Weight gain is most often the result of calories stored up in the body as fat.
What this means is that lean cheeks become chubby when fat accumulate beneath our facial skin.
To get rid of it, we would need to be rid of the fat that caused it in the first place.
It is worth noting that chubby cheeks could also serve as a warning that fat is also accumulating in other parts of our bodies.
It means we are adding pounds and to lose them, we need to deal with a couple of eating habits.
To do this, we would need to start by knowing our true calorie maintenance level.
Calorie maintenance level is the level of calories our bodies need to maintain its current weight.
Having done that, we would need to take in less calorie than the body actually requires daily.
For example, if we consume 500 calorie less than the body requires everyday, it would translate into 3500 calories in one week.
That would amount to a pound of fat off our bodies.
You lose the pounds.
The third thing we would need to do is to combine our calorie intake reduction plan with a corresponding increase in calorie expulsion.
The goal is to put up a workout plan that helps us burn more calories than we take in daily.
Combine these two plans and we have the perfect how to lose weight plan in place.
Now to lose chubby cheeks, we would need to include face muscle exercises in our workout plan.
As a matter of fact, we would need to this more often than other exercises.
The goal is to increase metabolism within our facial region.
To find the right exercises for our facial muscle, we would need to search in the internet.
There are over a hundred free instruction videos on this subject.
Finally we need to eat the right kind of food, food that can be helpful for our lose wt fast goals.
We would need to know some stuff about food components.
We would need to know, for example that;
  • A gram of protein contains 4 calories
  • A gram of fat contains 9 calories
  • A gram of carbohydrate 4 calories
A little knowledge of food can be very helpful when we want to make a diet plan that helps reduce our calorie intake level.
This in my judgment is how to lose weight, develop and keep a lean face.
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