System Tool 2011 Removal - How To Get Rid Of This Virus From Your PC

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System Tool 2011 is a fake antivirus program which pretends to be real.
It appears as an antivirus program and loads into the computer systems of many users.
Every day the numbers of victimized users increase.
This counterfeit program was intended by its creators to infiltrate the PC and extract important, personal information; these could be bank codes, numbers, accounts, passwords, etc.
It also attempts to rip off users in getting an upgrade of this fake program for a price.
The objective of this scam, therefore, is money and stolen information to gain yet more money.
This virus causes a lot of aggravation and damage to the computer; it shuts down the features of Windows such as the Task Manager, along with various important programs so that the user will find it difficult to execute a removal of the virus.
If the computer is undergoing this predicament, the method on how to deal with it will be discussed afterwards.
What Is System Tool 2011? According to experts, the System Tool 2011 is a type of malicious software or "malware".
Its mechanism involves installing its self into the PC by raiding the system via unsecured Internet access, rogue websites, fraudulent emails and spam mail and dubious downloads.
It will inject a software into the PC that takes over the Windows features, programs and Task Manager and prevents them from running properly.
This virus is unlike the other viruses because it causes all kinds of damages in a straight forward manner, without hiding.
The "program" it pretends to be runs scans and posts alarming results of errors that advertise the fake upgrade as the solution.
If there are any attempts to delete it, it will immediately block the programs the user is running.
However, there are certain measures to be taken to fully remove it.
This virus will install itself here:
  • %AppData%48541024
How To Remove System Tool 2011 The first method is done manually.
It requires shutting down the program files that the virus runs on and then, removing the virus.
To take down the applications of the virus, go into Safe Mode or run the "rkill" program.
It is through these backdoor programs can they be shut down.
Once this has been accomplished, only then can the virus be deleted.
This two step method can be quite challenging to those who are not adept in working with PCs and such programs.
The second kind of method, however, is more convenient.
It does not require much skill in dealing with PCs.
It only requires the Frontline Rogue Remover, which is an anti malware program.
This program has been created specifically to get rid of fake antivirus infections like System Tool 2011, and works by first showing you how to stop virus from loading, and will then remove it for good from your system.
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