The Act Of Flirting With Women DEFINED And How To Flirt With Women The Right Way

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For the average frustrated chump, the BIG time computer geek (that's me a couple of years back), the guy who lived in a bubble, flirting is pretty much the whole attraction process.
For them, flirting is about talking to women all day long, showering them with compliments, buying them drinks, and going totally out of their way just to take them home.
They're getting it all wrong! No wonder these guys end up on the "Let's Just Be Friends" Zone.
The Act Of Flirting With Women Defined - If the description above fits you, let me tell you sir what flirting is all about.
It's all about keeping it light hearted, fun, and sexual.
It's about communicating your sexual interest with jokes, stories, and body language WITHTOUT actually saying it.
If you are wondering how to flirt with women the RIGHT way, let me show you some tips that will take you miles ahead of the average lonely guys: How To Flirt With Women Tip 1 Just go ahead and talk to people.
Go and take risks.
You can't sit there with your beer waiting for that cute chick to approach you because she won't.
Here's a surefire way to make sure she talks back to you: flirt with waitresses, servers, hostesses, etc.
After all, you need to talk to them to give your order.
Why NOT take that chance to flirt with her? While she's writing everything down, strike up a light conversation and joke about something.
Talk to her like you would to your friend.
Smile and hold eye contact.
How To Flirt With Women Tip 2 Remember, flirting about keeping it fun.
So make the situation you and her are in FUN! How? Don't take what she says seriously.
When she jokes about you, turn it around and throw a little joke at her.
Say things that would make you laugh together.
How To Flirt With Women Tip 3 Drop sexual innuendos.
So she complimented you about something you are good at? Say something along the lines of: "I'm good at A LOT of things.
" And make sure you are smiling and looking right into her eyes when you do so.
She'll get it for sure and laugh at it.
This is a surefire way of making her visualize what it's like doing the 'deed' with you.
That's exactly what we want to approach with flirting, right?
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