Business Strategies - Have Gumption

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The word gumption is just such a great word.
It is a powerful word and certainly a characteristic of success.
It is the business strategy that no one is talking about.
Gumption means to act with courage or to take initiative with spunk and guts.
Examples of it include people who step up and do the exact things that need to be done in order to achieve a specific result and usually without regard to rules or the norm.
It is all about those people who want something so bad that they'll do whatever it takes..
whatever it takes! Positive things, it is not about hurting other people or their efforts.
This really is a dividing wall between the truly successful and those who just talk about what it is they want.
The real thought leaders have stepped out from behind or broken through that wall and are doing what needs to be done whether they know how or not, whether they are comfortable or not and whether they feel like it or not.
They do whatever it takes! If they don't know what it takes, they do their research and due diligence.
Someone out there has what you want and they made it happen, that is the only difference.
What can you learn from them? Is anyone sharing the steps, strategies or tactics that they used? Could you work with a mentor? The point is that you too can have just what it is you desire if only you step out of your comfort zone and demonstrate a little (or a lot) of gumption!! If you know what you want to accomplish in your business and you are clear on why you want it but still feel like you are running on a wheel to get there then check in with yourself about how much gumption you are expressing.
See where you can add some spunk and take some big leaps in an area that you have been mousing around.
It is a business strategy that can quickly propel you ahead and leaves a trail for others to follow.
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