How to Arrange Long Living Rooms

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    • 1). Buy narrow furniture to take up less space. Overstuffed chairs and sofas take up extra space that can be used for other furnishings. Stick to slender furnishings with little ornamentation.

    • 2). Place the sofa against one long wall in the room. Don’t be afraid of putting the sofa close to one corner. Add end tables at the sides of the sofa and put a lamp on each table to provide plenty of light for reading and visiting.

    • 3). Situate the TV on the wall opposite the sofa.

    • 4). Put a chair close to the sofa within viewing distance of the TV.

    • 5). Arrange a chair, ottoman, table and lamp in one corner of the room. Place the chair in the corner diagonally for a different look.

    • 6). Arrange the furniture so the foot traffic stays to one side of the room. This avoids the mistake of making your room feel like a maze.

    • 7). Use floor lamps to bring warm light to dark corners. The corners in long, narrow rooms often collect darkness and even a low wattage lamp will add a warm glow that looks inviting. Pair the lamp with a small desk or table for a cozy look.

    • 8). Arrange rugs so foot traffic is either on or off them. Avoid using a rug that covers only half of the footpath, so your guests won’t have to walk with one foot on the rug and one foot on the floor.

    • 9). Use plants to fill empty spaces and corners. Bring color and life into your living room with a tall potted plant in a vase that coordinates your decor.

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