Can You List Symptoms Of Bird Flu Pandemic?

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Bird flu is creating a wide spread pandemic in the South East Asian countries.
More so, the possibility of it being spread to other parts of the world cannot be neglected.
The virus responsible for more than hundreds of deaths has been detected as the H5N1 virus, a subtype of Influenza-A virus.
This has been the most deadly bird flu virus till date, since the bird flu generally doesn't attack human beings.
The reports of the symptoms of the avian flu have been submitted to WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center Disease Control).
They are similar to SARS but not completely similar.
And the interesting fact is that the symptoms sometimes vary from person to person and its totally different in birds.
The onset of the virus attack is mostly ignored.
So You need to be extra cautious with it.
For it never alarms before an outbreak.
It's possible to reach any corner of the world since the migratory birds are main carriers of the pathogen.
Before the virus infests the humans, there is the possibility of it raging the poultry.
If you observe any of the following symptoms among the poultry folks, there might be the possibility of the H5N1 virus being in action.
If the attack of the virus is less pathogenic then there will be no visible signs and the attack is not fatal enough.
The high pathogenic attack has clear symptoms and is quite destructive: 1.
Depression in some of the birds.
Cessation in laying eggs.
Loss of appetite and nervousness.
The combs and wattles turn blue in color due to altercation of blood circulation.
Coughing and frequent nasal discharge and diarrhea.
Sudden death of a number of them without any signs may also be the symptom of bird flu.
The reports based on the observations of the human beings attacked by bird flu have established that the human symptoms are somewhat similar to normal human flu but the impact is more rigorous.
The symptoms of bird flu reported in humans are: 1) Sudden attack of suspicious coughing.
Generally, we can trace why we catch a cold and cough when the reasons are like exposure to too much cold or taking lot of ice cream and alike.
But, here it won't have such particular reason.
2) Mild fever prolonging for hours.
3) Having soreness of throat.
4) Gradual shift to pneumonia.
5) Feeling moderate or severe malaise and fatigue.
6) Muscle pain.
7) Sometimes, conjunctivitis may also occur.
8) Respiratory problems like difficulty in breathing.
9) Very frequent sneezing with lot of mucous coming out.
If you find some of these symptoms in you, don't waste time and visit a doctor, the sooner you start with the treatment, the faster you relieve! Don't break down if you have positive results.
It's easy to treat.
Thats why, be extra cautious of these symptoms.
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