The Jute Job: Cleaning Your Jute Rugs

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Jute rugs are fantastic. They accomplish their goal quite effectively but still look fashionable. Jute rugs are the kinds of rugs that your pets would most probably want to relax on. It just has this certain connection with the animals.

Stains on your jute rug are inevitable. So just accept the fact that no matter how much you try to keep your jute rug clean, dirt and dust will approach it. You simply have to face the music and learn how to deal with them.

You can try lots of methods to clean your jute rug. You can try pouring baking soda on the stain. But keep in mind that you must not pour too much. Pouring too much would not clean your jute rug; it would only leave a dark and wet-looking stain on your jute rug. Surely you don't want that.

This is probably the last resort but you would lose nothing if you try soapy water. There is no indicated temperature for the water, but it is recommended that you opt for warm soapy water. When drying, just use a paper towel to absorb the moisture. Don't rub on it. Woolite may also be used if you want to dry the wet area of your jute rug more thoroughly.

There is a certain brand of stain remover that is said to work best with jute rugs. That is the Spray 'N Wash stain remover and all you have to do is, basically, spray and wash. Just give it five to ten minutes then use a hose to spurt the dirt off with water. If you want to use your scrub brushes, then you would be pleased to know that you may, but you have to be extra careful or you'll ruin your rug's texture.

If you want to avoid doing all this work to clean your jute rug, then you can have your jute rug cleaned regularly by professionals. This way, the original appearance of your jute rug is retained and its mortality rate increases.

Basically, it does not really matter what kind of rug you are cleaning, as long as you do not skip the thorough vacuuming part.
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