Why lenders should lend money on Dhanax compared to other channels?

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Whoever said that Money didn't make the world go around obviously didn't know where to shop!!! Puns apart, money is something that everyone needs in varying amounts to fulfill all necessary needs for a better and comfortable life. Times have changed now and people have started looking outside the traditional loan providers like banks and have started exploring newer avenues. This spells good news for P2P (Peer to peer lenders) who can now take advantage of those channels to reach out to borrowers. One such avenue is Dhanax and here is why it works so well for lenders.

Fast Browsing and Authentication Support

Unlike the traditional world of money lending where authentication could only be done through contacts and submission of documents, Dhanax has modernized the lender perspective of the transaction. It is now phenomenally easy to browse through all the borrower profiles and then make an informed and supported decision about money lending which actually sets Dhanax apart from others of its kind. Dhanax is a site that has comprehensive databases and it can verify the authenticity of the borrower party and also facilitate recovery and collection of the money.

More Options for Lending

As a lender too you may have certain limitations and unfortunately in traditional lending options these limitations are not cooperated with. Dhanax gives you the option to choose whether to give loan to a single borrower or to diversify and keep funding multiple loans with small amounts of money. That gives you the scope to cope up with your limitation well.

In other words, Dhanax gives the lender an option from investing any amount from Rs. 10000 to Rs 1 million.

Low Fees Structure

Since Dhanax operates on an e-platform, it doesn't have to bear establishment and brick and mortar fees costs. This is why its fees structure is quite low, reasonable and this is a huge advantage for small scale lenders. There is only a Rs. 500 INR Sign Up fee for lending amounts upto 50,000 INR and again a 500 INR increase for every 50,000 increase after that. There is a repayment facilitation fee of 2% that gets subtracted from the monthly repayment amount that will be paid from borrower to lender. This fees structure is pretty reasonable in comparison to the traditional loan giving options.

Less Paperwork

Dhanax has revolutionized the borrower and lender equation by reducing the most inconvenient aspect of it: Paperwork. Staggering amounts of paperwork, complicated forms and loads off official procedures along with huge waiting times used to scare off borrowers in the past. Thanks to Dhanax which requires submission of very less paperwork and has short waiting period for which borrowers are encouraged to apply for loans with P2P lenders.

This is good from the lender perspective as the pool of loan applicants has increased. With Dhanax, the lender has access to fair, equitable and profitable system of offering loans to a wide pool of applicants who can be screened effectively and easily.
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