The Legend of Radha Krishna

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As all other legend might have started, I was about to start this one writing €Once upon a time€ but then I thought this is not something which have just happened, this is about their message for love, affection and harmony which need to be spread.
Of all the mythological love stories, the tale of Radha Krishna relationship simply stands out. Most of us would know that of all the gopis around Krishna, he was very fond of Radha. There are many famous pranks that Krishna used to do with Radha, which shows the strength of their relationship. One such prank is still remembered and we all celebrate it as a festival to commensurate their love between the two. Once, Krishna applied colors on Radha and other gopis on the ghats of the river. Since then, Holi is celebrated with great energy and love all across the Nation. There are numerous temples, parks, and memorable monuments named after Radha-Krishna. It is believed that worshipping them brings good luck and spread love and harmony everywhere. Mathura and Vrindavan, both in Uttar Pradesh, are very famous cities for having the maximum number of temples of Radha-Krishna. It is believed that both these cities house more than 8,000 small and big temples dedicated to the legend of Radha-Krishna. According to a belief, there is a garden in Vrindavan which is famous for the fact that Krishna and Radha spent most of the time together in it.
It is said that keeping Radha-Krishna in the house brings prosperity, well-being and good health. Radha Krishna love is everlasting, free of desires and have the warmth in which people find themselves in peace and harmony. New-wed couples should always keep them in the house which will always keep the love spark between them forever. There are many artifacts including Radha Krishna paintings and Radha Krishan statues and sculptures are available in the market. Wall murals and wall hangings with pictures of Radha Krishna engraved on them add charm and joy to the home. These artifacts not only look good in the house but add a spiritual value to it also.
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