Convertible Cribs - Growing With Your Child For Years To Come

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We all sleep better when in an environment that is familiar and comfortable to us. Children are definitely not the exception to this. Convertible cribs are typically able to convert to a toddler bed and daybed at minimum. Sometimes a conversion kit will come with the crib, but often will have to be purchased separately. When changing it to a toddler bed, you can still use the crib mattress to save money. Before purchasing any crib, read through all the details so you know exactly what you're getting.

In addition to a toddler and daybed, convertible cribs often times can be converted to a full-size bed. All that is required is the purchase of frames and a full-sized mattress, but will have to be purchased separately with almost any convertible crib. A convertible crib will this capability is a huge benefit, as it really adds a lot of longevity.

The number one priority for parents when it comes to their children is safety. So finding a crib that meets that top safety standards is critical. JPMA evaluates all the cribs so parents know which cribs are the safest. When a crib passes their tests, then it will be labeled "JPMA certified" on the product description. The best cribs will be certified, so if you notice a crib doesn't have this then it's probably best to not to buy it. Another way to evaluate safety is to read customer reviews and product information. You will be able to find out rather quickly whether the crib is safe enough for your baby.

Convertible crib manufacturers have not overlooked style in the least, as they understand that styles and tastes vary among parents. Most cribs are available in several different finishes, including amber, natural, caramel, cherry, espresso, white, just to name a few. You may even find some that come in black or pink. They also come in a variety of designs. Sometimes parents will already have their nursery set up before they purchase the crib, and will therefore look for one that matches their decor. Others may go the other route and buy the crib first, and then build the nursery according to that style.

A convertible crib offers a comfortable place for your child to sleep in at night. It will bring familiarity to your child for a long time as it's converted to a toddler bed and eventually a full-sized bed.
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