Top 10 Advantages for Online BINGO

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We tried to present here for you the top 10 advantages of Online Bingo game 1.
You can play it anytime, day or night from your home seat 2.
You can play it anywhere where you have a computer connected to Internet.
All you have to do is to register to one of the many online casinos and you will be able to play after few minutes.
If you want to play for real money you will probably need a credit card 3.
If you don't have time its quite easy to play it online.
You can start a game immediately 4.
You can choose from a large number of websites.
Search some reviews to find what peoples think about the casino you think is good for you 5.
If you don't like one virtual online bingo hall you can switch to another in seconds 6.
Most of the bingo sites are allowing you to play for free.
This helps you to get familiar with the system 7.
You can have nice bonuses on subscribe or new deposits 8.
Daily, weekly, monthly jackpot bonuses 9.
Bigger chances to win (lower taxes) 10.
You are anonymous online Disadvantages? We may write a few.
This is just a personal opinion and I'm sure you may suggest others Top 3 Disadvantages of the Online Bingo 1.
You cannot hear other or yourself shouting BINGO.
You just press a button instead.
You might miss the Interaction with other players 3.
You cannot play with unlimited tickets (but some online bingo rooms are allowing that)
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