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The job interview has always been a vital role in establishing the best individual to fill the role at a company. The first step that a company hopes to achieve is to find candidates that match their needs regarding experience and education for the position and this is achieved in the application process. Once a company identifies those potential clients they hope to cover to major goals within the job interview process. The first objective that needs to be covered in the job interview process is to discover through questioning and answers if there are any false statements on the resume that were made to improve their odds of getting hired.

When a lie is discovered those individuals are often placed on the bottom of the stack of possible candidates since if they were willing to lie to get hired what influence will they have on the company. The second goal is to attain the drive, desires and attitude of an individual in establishing how they will fit into the role. A disruptive individual can do more harm to the flow of a company and its staff than having the position open longer to find the right individual. Attitude is an important feature to be aware of when you are involved in the job interview process.

After the company has whittled down the potential clients based on experience and education that then discovered which of those candidates will fit best into the companies atmosphere the final objective is to hire the best individual. Many job interview candidates feel at this time that they have accomplished all they can in regards to the job interview process but this is an error in thought. Many individuals actually fail to follow up on one of the most important steps of the job interview process, the closing.  

At the conclusion of an interview it is a common habit to thank the interviewer for the opportunity, shake hands and leave the business establishment. It is important to point out that all candidates share this same experience so there is no impact in regards to the interviewer remembering your job interview. To truly close a job interview it is important to write a job interview thank you letter. This creates a memorable impression of your interview process with the interviewer since it displays you going out of your way to show your appreciation for the job opportunity. It is important that in a job interview thank you letter that you thank the interviewer by name, mention a highlight of the interview that involved open communication to remind them of who you are and display the excitement you have about the opportunity to work for their company.

Along with the job interview thank you letter it is important for a person to conduct job interview follow up phone calls. This method of job interview follow up keeps your name fresh in the mind of job deciding parties as well as help you to keep updated on the status regarding your job opportunity. On many occasions individuals stop at the conclusion of the job interview, allowing them to be forgotten while another lesser qualified candidate is hired. The use of both the job interview thank you letter and the job interview follow up phone call is a potent combination that will aid you in achieving your career goals.

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