I L A You Have a High Five the Patient

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I'm doing like sets like 180 190 even and just yeah and that's an that all this comes down to consistency like if you come in one day and to say forty kilos the first time and then you come in awake it will be business and then I L A you have a high five the patient I have never hacked a passionate I we now you just got to find out more Joe's results are good news for now herein love trial has he had unprotected sex yet again in the last few days he'll need retesting in three months time the clinic's never-ending battle against sty. I is continues next time on unsafe sex in the city crash how many pounds within the meaning of 39 just as a guess it had more than 100 now I highest I've now moved on from PayPal I'm day with HIV positive them from the site yet was the block is gave me if I'm told back out children and a half had a particular thoughts for details evolved a nice nations which offer advice and support go online to BBC ad code at UK slash action line all called a BBC action line to he recorded information on.

I like 1000 6801 33 lines are open 24 hours a day and a free-form a land-line mobile operators will charge mom their body this is Chris and George shooting yesterday was very special guest is a good body and mind his names George battle George welcome to the show thank you guys ram for sure who and now being here George battle is producing as how called Kings have iron they are you in the show together you could check them out on YouTube King the Iron and basically from the show is a workout competition but one Asher it's No«l performance-enhancing drugs they pee test them he's thrown it back to the old days OVA clean living in on working out hard how a truck really inspired much you to bring back to Jesus all when bodybuilders time were heroes after Greece stories about sheet you know bf goals %um do speech somebody's guys you've been around for a long time tour bus is actually coming by and waiting for the body builders to jobs come on the gym so they will get their autograph show there was a great time bodybuilding you want to just bring the you want to bring it back to life word you know these guys urn natural ordered not looking like monsters yet looking like honest me something to piqu© now actually team and encourage people to be healthy as well ray and I remember arm you know jack Elaine have seen videos of him holding like a bowl with his teeth and now.

I don't think any of the steroid it out and a freak looking guys could even swim when a long ball something also make slow absolutely now how did how did this all happen was it specifically Arnold Schwarzenegger that had such a great look n/a and people just want a more that all the sudden we are dumb almost addicted to have to see people who look unnatural and overly big yep you know what I can't do you think the history of which really began to take its downfall but when I know for sure is the you call use to you looks to be the biggest and the only way you can really do that just you continually not only compete against other people to compete against yourself she so when with back Ash man blackline elite Green with that kind of need cue home to create Mosel you guys are creepy muscle honestly did I meet especially congress you guys missed your eyes camps chances are treating muscle don't don't even exist try it during your cruise I'm each its is really is incredible when you look at how an outback in and Heidi when bodybuilding what is his cheek you know Ashore chiggers you know would with where you can maybe at 270 out these guys now we use 360 wow ha-ha yeah I'm the is incredible so I don't know many really began to you into justice really need down the beauty.
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