About Thai Massage

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    • The basis of Thai massage is similar to other Asian health traditions. It works to manipulate energy lines in the body, called nadis in Thai or chi in Chinese.


    • Thai massage has sometimes been called yoga massage because it focuses on stretching of the body over pressure on the body. That massage is performed on the floor, or in another place where the masseuse can stretch the body to its fullest range.


    • Thai massage rules are similar to the western Hippocratic oath. A licensed Thai massage practitioner is required to useher skills for good and to ask for advice when required.


    • Thai massage is intended to help with energy flow in the body. Through facilitating that energy flow, flexibility is increased and the body's blood and lymph systems are strengthened.


    • When considering a Thai massage school, look for one that is accredited. Many people recommend studying Thai massage at a government-accredited school in Bangkok, Thailand. Many of these schools offer 90-hour programs that can be completed in two weeks.

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